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We're an independent design studio working seamlessly across graphic design, brand identity and digital.

We are a graphic design studio with more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the design and print.

We assist brands in trading with confidence, challenging convention, and influencing the future through design and visual communication. We deal with a wide range of clients, including start-ups, well-known brands, and everything in between.

Chris Barrett founder of Barrett Design

Founder Chris Barrett

As the owner of Barrett Design, I know firsthand the sweat and unwavering commitment it takes to steer a business to success. This is why I am fully invested in helping you breathe life into your business by crafting the brand that has always been a figment of your dreams.

Graphic design is not just an art – it’s a formidable weapon. It has the prowess to demystify intricate concepts, catapult product sales, and ignite emotions. At Barrett Design, we go beyond the norm. We provide a bespoke and intimate service for our clientele, cutting through the noise to generate poignant designs and brand narratives.

Allow us to be your guides on a journey to craft a brand tale and message that resonates on a deeply emotional level with your ideal customers. Alongside this, we’ll curate the perfect symphony of colours for your brand’s palette and forge the visual lexicon your brand necessitates for its guidelines or style manual. This equips you with the tools to maintain unwavering consistency in your brand’s voice across every marketing and communication channel.

Our meticulously honed design methodology is the catalyst you need to shape a robust brand identity that nurtures a symbiotic bond between your enterprise and your desired audience.

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Chris Barrett

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